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State of New Mexico Drug Charges

The state of New Mexico is becoming more aggressive in its pursuit of pressing drug charges against people. The prosecution of illegal drug possession, drug trafficking, and drug sale cases is occurring at the state and federal levels within New Mexico. If you are charged with any type of drug-related charge, it is in your best interest to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A qualified attorney will inform you of your rights and fight on your behalf against the prosecution by the state.

Illegal Use and Possession of Controlled Substances

According to section 30-31-23 of New Mexico statutes, the intentional possession of a controlled substance such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, and heroin, is against the law. It is illegal to possess any type of illegal substance, whether it is an ounce of marijuana or a large quantity of meth. The penalties imposed for drug convictions differ based on the quantity of drugs involved in the case.

Legal Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

The Lynn and Erin Compassion Use Act prevents people from facing criminal or civil penalties for using marijuana for medical purposes. People who are exempt from being prosecuted are diagnosed by a doctor as being afflicted with a debilitative medical condition. The use of marijuana is under the supervision of a medical doctor who provides a prescription. Certain medical conditions that marijuana is used to treat includes epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and HIV.

Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking and Drug Sales

Drug possession charges may begin when an illegal controlled substance is allegedly found on your person or your property. Usually, drug possession consists of having a small quantity of the controlled substance for personal use. Drug trafficking is the possession and transportation of controlled substances. Drug trafficking is an illegal commercial activity that involves possessing a large amount of controlled substances. Selling drugs is the act of giving people the controlled substances in exchange for compensation.

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