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New Mexico Attorney Cynthia Payne

Albuquerque DWI Attorney

Not All DWI Attorneys Are Created Equal

There is a wide range of abilities among lawyers who claim to practice in the area of DWI defense law. If you hire a lawyer who doesn’t know what he or she is doing, mistakes can be extremely costly for you—financially, emotionally, and even professionally. You should hire a lawyer who is dedicated to helping you resolve your case with the fewest negative consequences possible, not one who is looking for shortcuts that make it easy for the lawyer.

Your Lawyer Should Have Experience In Your Jurisdiction

All judges look at the law differently, especially rules of procedure, so it’s very important for your lawyer to have experience in your jurisdiction (county), in your courthouse, and in front of your judge. A lawyer who knows your judge will do a better job of determining how certain issues should be addressed, what kind of plea the judge might accept, and how the judge might sentence you if your case goes to trial.

Always make sure the attorney you choose has regularly argued criminal cases in New Mexico and knows the judges in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and in Valencia and Sandoval Counties.

Focus On Case Management

The number one complaint about lawyers is that they often fail to call clients back. An organized attorney with sufficient support staff will have procedures in place to have your calls addressed promptly by the attorney or an appropriate staff member. A good attorney will let clients know what it’s like to work with his or her firm during the initial consultation before your DWI case is even started.

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Attorney Cynthia Payne

New Mexico DWI Defense Attorney Cynthia Payne

Albuquerque's Most Successful DWI Lawyer

New Mexico residents often face penalties that can last a long time when they don’t have an excellent DWI defense attorney working for them. We aggressively defend our clients and know how to navigate the criminal justice system in a manner that best benefits our clients’ interests. If you are in need of an attorney, we will use our 30 years of experience successfully defending DWI cases to help you.
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Client Reviews

DUI I first sat down with Cynthia and explained everything. She gave me the most honest information and details to the outcomes and options that I have. In court, Ms. Payne fought for me wholeheartedly and spoke to the judge with upmost respect. The outcome, my case was dismissed. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Ms. Payne is utterly the best without any exception! Thank you.
Excellent Attorney Cynthia and Jessica were very helpful throughout the whole process. My case eventually got dismissed because of all their hard work. I would definitely recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs an attorney!
DUI I hired Cynthia Payne because she was genuine when she sat down with me and explained what she exactly did for the client. I was considering to get a public defender but Cynthia explained the difference between a public defender and an attorney, keep in mind she was never bias. She gave me the comfort to make my decision understanding that an attorney could be expensive but I did not mind. Before even hiring her she went ahead and told me how my case looked which was nice to see where I stood at the moment. The case went on for around 7 months Cynthia did interviews with client and officers, she researched the video tape and audio, she investigated the case, most importantly she always kept me up to date with what was happening and what to expect. Jessica was amazing as well l, both of them were available whenever I had a question or concern. They didn’t hesitate to answer any question. It was nice that Cynthia took my personal life into consideration giving me the comfort of support. Cynthia made sure that any communication or any terminology that was being used was always communicated properly to me. I was never lost or confused in the case which made everything very easy flowing. I am happy to have Cynthia represent me.
Excellent Outcome I hired Cynthia to represent me in the first-ever arrest in my life for DWI, and she prevailed in court to the point of having my case dismissed. She was able to answer my questions and allay my fears. I am beyond grateful for her legal expertise and ability in the courtroom.
Highly Recommend When I went to Cynthia and Jessica to take on my DUI case, what I liked most is that they assured me that my life is not over, and that they will take care of everything. I was a complete nervous wreck and Cynthia made me feel really optimistic about my case, and she even put together a case binder to give me. There were a lot of variables in my case with me being from out-of-state and then eventually moving to another state, but Jessica kept me updated on everything and eventually Cynthia even got my cased dismissed. I really was able to put this all in the back of my mind and continue my life, and like Cynthia said, it all worked out in the end. I really think Cynthia is worth the price for the peace of mind itself, let alone the amazing work her and Jessica do.

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