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New Mexico Divorce & family lawyer Janine Caller

Janine Caller

A strong advocate for Albuquerque divorce & family law clients.

New Mexico Divorce Attorney Janine Caller

Get To Know Janine

Dedicated and Resilient

The Sandia mountains are my home. I grew up under their majestic peaks and vibrant sunsets and the Sandia’s hold a special place in my heart. Exploring the rugged terrain and diverse flora and fauna of this region brings me endless joy. My deep admiration for the Sandia Mountains mirrors the dedication and resilience I bring to my work as a family law attorney. Just as I navigate the challenging terrain of the mountains with determination and passion, I approach each case with a commitment to guide my clients through their legal journey with compassion and expertise. I approach my work with a profound understanding of the importance of family relationships, guided by the values and respect that are ingrained in New Mexican culture, I am committed to helping families navigate the legal complexities they may face with empathy and understanding.

Janine was raised in Albuquerque NM, a graduate of Eldorado High School, and UNM for her undergraduate degree in Political Science. She graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law and has worked almost exclusively in the area of family law, with a short period of time in criminal law.

Prior to law school, Janine worked with children and families in the behavioral health field and with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. During law school, she worked with immigrants assisting in obtaining U-Visas and VAWA Petitions, assisted in an Amicus Brief in opposition of fracking in the Chaco Canyon, and interned with the Law Offices of the Public Defender.

Janine Caller’s experience includes representing clients in divorce, custody, kinship guardianship, orders of protection, grandparent visitation, stepparent adoption, child support and spousal support cases.

She is a member of the family law bar and served for a year as the liaison for the family law section of the bar and YLD.

Outside of work Janine enjoys spending time with her significant other, two children, a husky and a beta.

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