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New Mexico Legal Group focuses its practice to just three areas of law, allowing us to bring maximum results to our client’s cases. Our primary goal is to provide client focused representation tailored to the unique needs of each client.

The Lawyer You Select Can Affect the Rest of Your Life

Despite all the horror stories and people insisting that divorce has to be a horrible process, the right lawyer and the right plan can get you and your family what you need without turning your life upside down. We ensure our divorce attorneys will support you through this process and provide you with the proper tools and preparation every step of the way.

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Divorce & Family Law

Dealing with family-related issues can be difficult for everyone involved. Whether our clients are facing a divorce, grappling with child custody issues, or need to set up a prenuptial agreement, we approach every concern and question with patience and sensitivity. Our legal team consists of nine highly qualified divorce and family law attorneys. Our extensive knowledge of family law and the attentiveness to our clients’ needs have helped us establish a reputation as strong legal advocates and an effective law firm.

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DWI Defense

The DWI laws in New Mexico are complex and intricate, and always changing. Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense that can have major consequences in a person’s life if convicted. It is extremely important to have a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on your side to fight the charges. The attorneys at New Mexico Legal Group have defended thousands of DWI cases. We possess an in-depth understanding of the relevant laws and various legal procedures. We are able to utilize our knowledge in a manner that reaps the greatest benefit for our clients during litigation.

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Criminal Defense

In addition to DWI cases, we handle a wide range of criminal cases, such as theft, domestic violence, manslaughter, drug possession, sex crimes, and white collar crimes. Due to the seriousness of the punishments associated with these types of crimes, it is crucial to have a skilled litigator who will protect your rights and look out for your best interests.

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Estate Planning

Having an estate plan in place will allow you to protect your loved ones beyond your lifetime. Estate planning can be a process many people avoid or put off, but we can assure you having one in place is always better than not.

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Call us at (505) 843-7303 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, or fill out our confidential case evaluation form on the website and we will contact you promptly. Everything discussed during your meeting is confidential and allows you to answer your questions in a safe environment. We proudly serve clients throughout the state of New Mexico with offices located in the cities of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Las Cruces.



Maggie is absolutely the best!! She was exactly the HUMAN BEING I needed for my complicated child support case, so much more than simply a lawyer. Very professional, knowledgeable, and truly a kind and caring person, perfect for family law cases. Paralegals and staff are nice and prompt and professional as well.Go here for any family case you may have, and make sure you ASK FOR MAGGIE.
Derrick Patterson Avatar
Derrick Patterson
I cannot explain the amount of flexibility this place can offer you, it was a horrible experience for 5 years of my life battling my VA stuff on top of dealing with my divorce. I kept having things pushed back when it came to arranging payments with the firm that were completely out of my control. Marla Clark, their Chief Financial Officer was the saving grace from the horrible stress I was under. Not only does she go above and beyond with helping making things be affordable for me, she made me feel as though she was on my side in making sure the balanced I owed did not affect me negatively. She helped me every step of the way and all she asked in return was just communication. I cannot put into words how grateful I was to have her helping me through this process. The legal team they have there is beyond amazing as well. These guys understand the struggles we divorce dads go through and ensure we have the legal representation that we deserve. Thank you NMLG and you are very lucky to have not only an outstanding legal team but, by far the best Chief Financial Officer!!!
Braden Riley Avatar
Braden Riley
Thank you so much for donating 60 turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday last year to East San Jose Elementary! The support we got from your law firm was incredible. New Mexico Legal Group isn't just serving our state, but they're also serving our communities and families any chance they get. Thank you again from East San Jose!
Melanie Maestas Avatar
Melanie Maestas

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