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Due to the threats drug trafficking pose to law enforcement and the collateral effects it has on the general population within the state of New Mexico, these cases are being more aggressively pursued. The state wants to reduce the availability of highly abusive controlled substances such as cocaine, meth, and heroin. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney who will work hard to fight for your rights.

New Mexico Drug Trafficking Laws

Drug trafficking is a serious felony offense that encompasses transporting, manufacturing, and delivering controlled substances. Even when people aren’t involved in drug trafficking, once the amount of drugs in a person’s possession exceeds a certain amount, that presumption will be made by law enforcement.

Drug Trafficking Criminal Punishment

Due to the large quantity of controlled substances involved in most drug trafficking cases, the criminal punishments tend to be more severe than with other drug-related offenses. Drug trafficking in certain areas such as school zones, parks, daycare centers and recreational facilities or using a minor in the transactions could lead to added, harsher criminal penalties. Conviction in a drug trafficking case could lead to years of imprisonment, probation, and fines unless you have a highly qualified attorney representing you. A permanent criminal record with a drug trafficking conviction will create obstacles for future employment and will tend to raise suspicion by law enforcement whenever you are stopped for a possible driving infraction or for any reason whatsoever.

Drug Trafficking Defenses

Prosecution and pursuit of drug trafficking cases by the state involves different law enforcement departments and can be very costly. There is a lot of pressure for the state to get guilty verdicts in these cases. As a result, there is the possibility that certain criminal procedures were not properly followed by law enforcement. We always investigate issues such as the admissibility of evidence, entrapment, and possible violation of Miranda Rights with these types of cases.

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