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Albuquerque Divorce Attorney
Keeping Your Lawyer on Track in Your Child…

At the outset of your divorce case, unless you have very unusual circumstances, you should let your Albuquerque lawyer know that going to court will be the last resort in deciding your…

New Mexico Legal Group
Divorce Options

Know your options before you are left with just one If you had to re-create the wheel and set up a system for divorcing parties–dividing up their property and debts, and developing…

Couple Signing Legal Agreement
Prenuptial Agreement

As a family law practitioner and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of pop culture, I’ve been paying close attention to the all the media coverage surrounding Tricia Walsh-Smith — you know, the spurned wife…

New Mexico Legal Group
Empowering Questions

Experts agree: the emotional and financial upset of a divorce has a long-term effect on your personal well-being, a grief that can feel on par with the death of a loved one.…