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New Mexico Male Attorneys

Meet the Male Attorneys of New Mexico Legal Group

We've recently added some fresh faces to our team of attorneys. Get to know all of our male attorneys that make up half of our attorney team.

At New Mexico Legal Group we provide services in the areas of divorce, family law, DWI, and criminal defense cases throughout the state. Each one of our attorneys are highly skilled and strive to provide clients with representation above the rest. Over the past few months, we have added two new male attorneys to our team, Chrystian Gonzales and Matthew Barceleau. Our team now consists of five female attorneys and five male attorneys that all bring unique skills and individuality to our practice.


Chrystian Gonzales

Chrystian is originally from Texas and received his Doctor of Jurisprudence and Masters in Personal Financial Planning from the Texas Tech University School of Law. He began has legal career working as a bilingual mediator and social security disability representative primarily working with the elderly & disabled community and their families in Texas and New Mexico. Not only does Chrystian have his Doctor of Jurisprudence and Maters in Personal Financial Planning, but he also served as an active-duty non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. He earned the rank of Staff Sergeant and a degree in Avionics Systems Technologies all at the same time. Joining our Las Cruces team, Chrystian’s dedication and unique financial and military background are just a few skills that help him to better serve his divorce and family law clients in southern New Mexico.


Darin McDougall

Darin has been working at New Mexico Legal Group since October 2019 and is a graduate of The University of New Mexico School of Law. Following graduation Darin broke into the legal space as a Public Defender. Today he represents New Mexicans with divorce and family law cases as well as criminal defendants throughout the state of New Mexico. Darin has strong roots within the legal community as well as and within the community as a whole. He even used to serve as Director on the board of the New Mexico Young Lawyers Division where he was able to bring his ties within the legal space and connect them with the community. Darin is well versed in handling all types of cases no matter how simple or complex the case may be. He is dedicated to serving his community with best-in-class representation.


David Crum

David is the Managing Attorney and author of the book Confessions of a Divorce Assassin. Prior to founding New Mexico Legal Group, David attended George Washington Law School and worked in Washington D.C. as a law clerk in the United States Attorney’s office. He also worked as a mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.) during his time in D.C. In 1996 he made the move to New Mexico where he founded his first law firm, New Mexico Legal Group which is now the largest divorce and family fim in New Mexico. Today, David finds himself busy managing US Legal Groups which consists of New Mexico Legal Group, Nebraska Legal Group, and Colorado Legal Group. When David isn’t managing US Legal Groups, he keeps himself busy as a part-time author and with his marketing agency, Cardinal Concepts.


Mark Pustay

Mark received his law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and is an Ohio native. He also has a master’s degree from the University of New Mexico, where he teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Political Science. Mark has a wide range of experience from serving as Assistant District Attorney for the 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Santa Fe, civil and criminal defense attorney at Gorence & Oliveros PC of Albuquerque, to being Managing Attorney of United South Broadway Corporation. His experience and skills are all part of what makes Mark a zealous divorce, family law, and criminal defense attorney.


Matthew Baceleau

Matthew is an El Paso native and obtained his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2015. While Matthew claims he began his legal career in the second grade when he represented the Big Bad Wolf during a mock trial, it actually began after graduation. He began his legal career prosecuting criminal cases involving domestic violence, DWI, and property crime in the Second Judicial District Attorney’s Office. At New Mexico Legal Group Matthew practices exclusively in divorce and family law. He knows which approach to take depending on the case and provides optimal results through quality communication with his clients. Matthew is also one of Super Lawyers’ rising stars.


For legal assistance and support in divorce, family law, and child custody cases, or criminal defenese, contact any one of our highly skilled attorneys at New Mexico Legal Group at 505.405.8266 to arrange a free case evaluation.