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The Ultimate Guide to Child Custody eBook

This book is organized into guiding principles that are crucial for you to understand on your road to success. In many cases, attorneys and their clients do not fully consider how these principles will impact their cases, and they pay a heavy price in negotiations and at trial because of it.

Child Custody

Part 1

The Down and Dirty of Who Gets Custody

• What Are You Arguing For? The Elements of Child Custody
• How is Custody Determined? What You Need to Know to Argue Your Case Successfully
• Will Your Lawyer Help or Hurt Your Case?
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Part 2

The Nuts and Bolts of the Legal Process

• You Must Understand the Legal Process That Will Apply to Your Case to Determine if You Can Modify it or Get Out of It Completely
• Understanding What It’s Really Like to Litigate
• Do Not Let Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Sink Your Custody Case
• Crucial Provisions You Should Consider Including in Your Final Custody Documents
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Part 3

The Day You Walk Into the Courtroom

• The Television Trap
• How to Testify
New Mexico Attorney Cynthia Payne

Part 4

Real Questions from Real People

• How do I get sole custody of my child?
• Do the courts often grant 50-50 custody in a custody case?
• How do I get emergency custody of my child?
• Can a party file for a restraining order against the other parent at the beginning of a custody case?
• Can you lose custody of your child for cheating on your spouse?
• Can a grandparent be assigned joint custody of a child?

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