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Kelly Norris

Amy Bailey handled a very difficult case for me involving domestic violence. She was always caring and compassionate and kept me advised throughout the process.

Eric Brunnemann

Im one of those older clients with children who thought my divorce was in the rear-view mirror until it became apparent the original custody plan from another state needed revision. New Mexico Legal Group was recommended by my previous attorney when I came to New Mexico, and they proved to be extremely professional. They did their homework; not only regarding New Mexico law, but in my case international concerns. My attorney and paralegal knew how to keep the case on track, did not waste time or expenses, and comfortably kept me advised throughout the process.

Jennifer Rossiter

Kim Padilla is an excellent family law attorney. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the adoption process and how to create families.

Vanessa Pina

Where to even start? Twila & Desiree (paralegal) were/are AMAZING!!! Theyre both quick with responding to e-mails, getting us the information that we needed in a timely matter. My family doesnt even know how to repay Twila for what she has done. We needed help, and she completely blessed us. Our case was a crazy one and with her help she got us the answers we were looking for and the results we needed. THANK YOU TWILA, VERY MUCH RECOMMEND!!!

Rebecca G

I have, and will recommend New Mexico Legal Group to all. I was blessed by having the paralegal Desiree Pena. My divorce wasnt easy by any means, and nor was I an easy client. I expect excellence, from myself; and those around me. That is what this team is, accurate and precise. The divorce was complicated due to assets and retirement benefits. I know that the expertise and knowledge that was given to me, represented my best interest at all time. And yet, fairness and compromise was also presented for our best outcome. I personally had a lot of questions, and Desiree always responding in timely manner; and was professional. Desiree went far above and beyond, to work with me. She showed great compassion, and yet has nerves of steel.

S. Maresch

I never thought an attorney would go to the bat for me like David did. I am very thankful.



Dolores Baca Saunders

I highly recommend Twila Larkin as she is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate divorce attorney. There are not enough words to convey Twilias level of legal expertise! She is a stellar and extremely smart legal divorce attorney. Upon my initial consultation with Twilia, she was able to quickly review and assess my complex legal documentation; and provide me with my legal options that were in my best interest. Her legal expertise was imperative as I was married to a prominent businessman for 20 years so there were many complex legal divorce issues to be assessed and addressed. Twila assisted me by going above and beyond to ensure that I met my extremely short divorce deadline which was imperative and ultimately in my best interest. I would give Twila the Highest 5 Start Rating and recommend Twila Larkin to anyone who is seeking the best divorce attorney in New Mexico.

Abby Rector

Bob Matteucci!! He was amazing. I needed someone to represent me (with only a week in advance)for jurisdiction of my daughter after an abusive relationship. I lived out of state and I had to work with him over the phone and he was always in contact with me. I am so thankful I found him on Google! I could not be happier with how things turned out. Bob was fantastic and worked quickly! I would recommend everyone to New Mexico Legal Group! Im truly thankful for them!!

Peter Dutcher

I got great info straight forward. They dont waste your time and tell it the way it is.

Francisco Cordoba

Professional services, great atmosphere and a wealth of knowledge.

Kathleen Murray

Bob Matteucci and Desiree Pena worked together efficiently to get my divorce finalized within 3 months. I am very happy with the results!

Laura Kelly

I was impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone I dealt with at the office was from the receptionist (very sweet, and I must apologize that her name escapes me just now!) to my attorney Bob Matteucci and paralegal Desiree Pena. We LGBTQ folks dont always experience what seemed from start to finish to be a completely genuine atmosphere of welcome. In my case, I needed a legal name change, and Bob and Desiree were on top of navigating the legal labyrinth in a prompt and efficient manner that will now allow me to get on with my life. Thanks, guys!

Abby Walker

I have been employed in the legal field for over 15 years and I can honestly say, WITHOUT HESITATION, that the New Mexico Legal Group is by far the BEST firm Ive ever had the honor of working with! Our TEAM is compassionate, devoted, and STRONG!!!

Krista Barnett

So lucky to be employed at New Mexico Legal Group! Its awesome working around such intelligent and tough attorneys and staff!

Bud Garner

Cynthia Payne and her professional staff handled our case about as well as they could have. They asked every question and turned over every rock available to them, all while keeping a good relationship with the DA in case we had to cut a deal in the end. We did prevail and it was all thanks to her and her staff.

Jonathan Kump

I really would like to show my appreciation to those at NM Legal Group for all the help and assistance with my divorce. Having wonderful people in your corner like Bob Matteucci and Desiree Pena made the difficulties that come with divorce less stressful. Both Bob and Desiree were always very professional and helpful in everything regarding my case. Thank you again for not only being wonderful lawyers, but amazing and wonderful people as well!

Mike Slaten

Bob Matteucci represented me in my Divorce. He advised me on what has turned out better for me in the long run. We were able to Settle the matter without going to Trial thereby saving me a lot of Money.Thanks again Bob

Eliseo Castillo

I am very grateful to have had Robert Matteucci represent me through my child custody. I had a very complicated case and Mr. Matteucci saw me through it. I would highly recommend Robert Matteucci to anyone going through child custody. Mr. Matteucci is an exceptional, ethical and knowledgeable attorney who cares about the well-being of the children. Child custody is a stressful event especially as a father; however, Mr. Matteucci fought for what I requested (equality as a father) and never asked me to settle for anything less. Mr. Matteucci was always professional and was never inflammatory towards the other party. More importantly, he was great mediator and advocate for the children. At the end of the day, the kids happiness and safety is what matters, Mr. Matteucci will fight for that.

Ashley Deprez

Highly recommended! Cynthia Payne and her staff are all very friendly, competent, and attentive. They understand that good people make mistakes and were there to guide my husband and I through every step of the legal process to ensure a fair and manageable outcome to the case. If you need an attorney with the heart, the brains, and the drive to get the job done right, New Mexico Legal Group is definitely the way to go!

“I was extremely satisfied with how Cynthia handled my case. She was very personable and her knowledge of the law clearly showed in the way she interacted with the District Attorney and the Judge. Well worth every penny we paid. You truly get what you pay for, I hope I never have to retain her again, but I would choose her firm again without any hesitation.”


“I am very grateful to Cynthia and her paralegal for taking the time to speak with me and answer my question even though I was unable to hire her at this time. I found her to be knowledgeable and confident, everything you could want in a lawyer.”

– Anonymous

“She took care of our legal issue with great efficiency. Would strongly recommend her to anyone.”


“Cynthia and Jessica did an amazing job! Not only did they represent me well, the also were extremely supportive and helpful through the entire process. I can’t thank them enough for the help!”

– Shannon

“We sincerely wish to thank David Crum for the capable and effective way he handled the recent case in New Mexico. This was a difficult and scary time for our family, and he and his staff took the time to explain what was ahead, and now behind us. Thanks to Lisa who carefully took us through the process, and to especially David for all his work. Thanks again for getting us through it all.”

-M.M. and S.M., Albuquerque

“Cynthia managed my case with courteous professionalism. Her responses to my inquiries were always timely, along with those of her assistant. Cynthia’s careful attention to detail placed us in the best possible position to achieve the eventual positive outcome for the case – she made all the right ‘moves’.”

– M.S., Albuquerque

“I wanted to thank you for your great work in getting my husband’s case dismissed. I was confident from the beginning that everything would turn out o.k., but I was truly amazed by your handling of the state’s witnesses at trial.”

– C.K., Albuquerque

“Your firm’s work on our divorce was extraordinary. From the initial intake, through the settlement process, and in the final drafting of documents, I could rest easy that I was getting the best representation around.”

– E.M., Rio Rancho, N.M.

“I never thought I could go from seeing my son every other weekend to having primary custody. I guess you proved me (and my ex-wife) wrong. Thanks a million for everything.”

– R.R., Rio Rancho, N.M.

“There aren’t words enough to express my joy and admiration for all your fine efforts your office and staff put forth in this victorious outcome you delivered to me. However, I will be forever grateful and wherever I go I will remember all that you have done. Thank you so very much!”

– D.P., Albuquerque, N.M.

“Cynthia, I can’t tell you how thankful that I am for all of your work involved with my DWI case and finally being found not-guilty! I honestly thought that I didn’t have much of a chance but you were always supportive as well as honest with me about our case. When we talked in your office or in the courtroom, you knew in detail all of the evidence and all of the angles of examination. I know that you must have many many clients, but I sincerely felt like I was the most important one. I thank you again for your representation and wish you good luck with all of your other cases.”

– D.P., Albuquerque

“David Crum and his office staff were simply a superb support for me during a very difficult time. David’s skill and expertise in the area of DWI defense was overwhelmingly evident in the courtroom, and resulted in my case being dismissed. David had a clear and confident manner and legal expertise that was impressive and solid. I would recommend him to anyone who is in search of a lawyer who is fair, skilled, and ethical. Many thanks for this experience.”

– K.M., Albuquerque

“Thanks again for your excellent performance yesterday in court and all the months of preparation. I can’t tell you how much it means to not have the DWI hanging over my head anymore. It is priceless for my professional future. I know from watching you and others from your firm over the past nine months, that I did hire the best attorney and law firm in New Mexico . Your firm provides professional services with a personal touch. It was nice to know that, in addition to personal support from you, that I had two assistants and your fellow attorneys calling me and keeping my informed on your progress every step of the way through a somewhat difficult case (especially since I wasn’t even physically in New Mexico for most of the proceedings). You and your attorneys are articulate, prepared, convincing, and have an in-depth knowledge of the law. I knew I selected the right law firm and lawyer when the judge said, ‘Mr. Crum, I’ll save you the time for your closing remarks. She’s not guilty.’ Thanks again!!! I told you I’d send you a testimonial!”

– V.S., Albuquerque