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How Soon Can You Get Married After a Divorce in New Mexico?

In some states in the U.S., a waiting period applies after a divorce before you can remarry. Most states, however, have dispensed with this requirement.

Not so long ago, a divorced individual in states such as Arizona, California, Delaware or Iowa would have had to wait one year after the divorce was finalized before tying the knot again.

So, what is the law in New Mexico?

How Soon After Filing Divorce Papers Can You Remarry in New Mexico?

You are not officially divorced until a judge has signed the divorce decree and the decree is filed with the District Court Clerk’s office.

Once you are officially divorced in New Mexico, there is no mandatory waiting period before you can remarry.

Simply filing divorce papers with your local courthouse does not mean that your marriage has ended and that you are free to remarry.

Once you are confirmed as single again, there is no waiting period in New Mexico. Only a few states in the U.S. retain this law: Alabama, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.

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