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Finding the Right Family Law Attorney

An experienced New Mexico family lawyer is a valuable asset for families going through the types of difficulties, problems, and challenges that most families have to deal with at some point. As a team of experienced, Albuquerque-based family lawyers, New Mexico Legal Group can help with all the challenging areas of family law.

What to Look for in a Family Law Attorney

Family law should compose at least the majority of the practice of the person you hire to handle your divorce. The ideal situation is for your lawyer to practice only divorce and family law.

An attorney who invests all of his or her time handling family law cases is more likely to have the knowledge and experience you need to succeed and obtain your best possible resolution. An attorney with that kind of experience will understand your specific legal issues and be able to develop a personalized strategy for the successful resolution of your case.

We Are In This Together

When working with New Mexico Legal Group, you will have a team of legal professionals at your disposal. Your attorney will leverage a team of paralegals and legal assistants to help work your case which ultimately, keeps costs down. Every task is delegated to the lowest billable team member so that your case is worked in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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Family Law Attorneys

Attorney David Crum

David Crum

Managing Attorney

Attorney Twila Larkin

Twila Larkin


Attorney Kimberly Padilla

Kimberly Padilla


Attorney Elizabeth Ashton

Elizabeth Ashton


Attorney Darin McDougall

Darin McDougall


Attorney Allison Beaulieu

Allison Beaulieu


Attorney Amy Bailey

Amy Bailey

Attorney - Las Cruces


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