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New Mexico Family Law Overview

Family law is a broad term that covers many different legal needs but most commonly involves child custody, child support, or spousal support. An experienced family lawyer is a valuable asset for families going through the types of difficulties.

New Mexico Child Custody

We help clients determine the best way to reach a child custody agreement that is beneficial for the family. When our clients understand all of the options available, it increases the chances of them arranging a child custody agreement that best suits the needs of the children.

New Mexico Child Support

In New Mexico, parents have the option of reaching a child support agreement on their own or having it decided by the court. Ideally, the child support obligations of each parent are fairly based on their financial circumstances and adequately cover all of the child’s needs. We represent people who are trying to establish child support or need legal assistance in getting a child support order enforced.

New Mexico Spousal Support

Alimony, also called spousal support, is an amount of money awarded by the court from one spouse to the other as continuing support after the marriage has ended. Under the family laws of New Mexico, alimony or spousal support may be temporary, permanent, or transitional. Alimony or spousal support may also be modifiable or non-modifiable as determined by the Court or by agreement of the parties. Our alimony attorneys can help establish or modify an existing spousal support plan.

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