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Your Vehicle Seizure Case

If you have been arrested for a subsequent DWI or for driving while your license is revoked for DWI, the State may initiate proceedings to seize your vehicle. Typically, your vehicle will be seized at the time of your arrest and you will be provided with a notice of vehicle seizure. You have 5 working days from the date of this notice to request a hearing regarding the permanent seizure of your vehicle. If you fail to request the hearing, your vehicle will be automatically seized by the State.

If you are running out of time and elect to send in the request for a vehicle seizure hearing before hiring an attorney, remember the following:

  1. only the registered owner of the vehicle may request the hearing;
  2. you may use the form provided on our website: Request Vehicle Seizure Hearing;
  3. you must send a check for $50.00 with your form.

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