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New Mexico Revoked License Cases

New Mexico Revoked License Cases

In New Mexico, it is a crime to operate a motor vehicle when you know, or should have known that your license has been revoked or suspended. If your license has been revoked for DWI, however, the normal penalty is enhanced to 7 days of mandatory jail time, and a conviction will also result in an additional revocation of your license for a period of one year.

At trial, the State must prove that your license was revoked and that you had been provided with notice of that revocation. This has become an extremely serious crime in New Mexico and you should consult with legal counsel before going to court on such a charge.

If you have been convicted for driving on a revoked license, you may be eligible to drive by obtaining an ignition interlock license. To view the eligibility requirements for an interlock license, click on the following link: Interlock Licenses.


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