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Leaving the Scene of a New Mexico DWI

What Happens When You Leave the Scene of a DWI?

The State of New Mexico requires that all drivers involved in auto accidents remain on the scene, render aid if necessary, and provide certain information to other drivers or to law enforcement officers. If you are involved in a single car accident involving damage to property, you are required to make reasonable efforts to locate the property owner and provide identifying information. Leaving the scene of a crime, if only involving damage to property or vehicles, is a crime and may be punished as a misdemeanor. If the accident has involved bodily harm or death, the offense may be charged as a high misdemeanor or as a felony offense.

In some cases, however, leaving the scene of an accident may create problems for the State in proving the charge of DWI. In any event, leaving the scene of an accident carries serious ramifications, and you should fully explore the defense of your case with a competent New Mexico DWI defense attorney prior to taking any further action.

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