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New Mexico Interlock Licenses

In order to obtain an ignition interlock license you must first qualify. To find out if you qualify you may call your local state operated Motor Vehicle Office or 1-888-683-4636. Limited licenses are no longer available under New Mexico law. Below you will find an explanation of the differences between an ignition interlock license and a limited license. Following that there is a list of all requirements for an ignition interlock license. Once you have obtained all necessary documents you need to go to any state operated Motor Vehicle Office to obtain your license.

Motor Vehicle Division
Drivers Services Bureau
P.O. Box 1028
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Limited License

ATTENTION: Limited licenses are no longer available under New Mexico Law.

A limited license is available to persons whose licenses have been revoked for a violation of the Implied Consent Act (your MVD case). It is available for a person who submitted to the blood or breath test and has no prior Implied Consent revocations. The Limited License is good ONLY for the limited purposes of driving to and from work, for work-related purposes, school, and court-ordered treatment programs.

Ignition Interlock License

An Ignition Interlock License is available to persons whose drivers’ licenses have been revoked for any Implied Consent Violation (your MVD case), first offense, subsequent offense or a refusal – and it is available to any persons whose license is revoked or denied for a DWI conviction. This license requires that you have an approved ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle you will be driving. These devices are available from several suppliers and require that you pay an installation fee and a monthly rental fee, but the license is otherwise unrestricted. Requirements for an Ignition Interlock license:

  1. Positive proof of identification.
  2. Proof of financial responsibility (original) consisting of:
    • A vehicle liability insurance policy or insurance certification; or
    • An insurance binder; or
    • A State Treasurer’s Certificate of Deposit; or a Surety Bond Certificate issued by the MVD, Mandatory Insurance Section
  3. Proof each motor vehicle to be operated by the person Issued the Ignition Interlock License is equipped with an ignition interlock device. (You must the lease agreement/contract for the particular ignition interlock device.) For a list of Interlock Service Providers, Call 1-800-541-7952 or click here for a list of providers.
  4. Affidavit of acknowledgement-MUST BE NOTARIZED. MVD will not notarize.
  5. $51.50 IGNITION INTERLOCK LICENSE FEE, (payable only if application is approved and license is issued, Class D, E, or M only). Make check payable to MVD.

*Insurance documentation must name you as the insured, include the name of the insurance agent, insurance company, policy number, effective date and expiration date of coverage.

*An Implied Consent Violation means driving while over the .08 limit (.02 for those under 21 and .04 for commercial drivers), or refusing to take a test for alcohol or other drugs when requested by a law enforcement officer. The Implied Consent Act says that those who drive in New Mexico are considered to have given their consent to chemical testing of their blood or breath. The only punishment for an Implied Consent Violation is revocation of license. All other penalties come under the separate criminal portion of the law.

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