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Family support issues pertain to the financial welfare of the spouses and children. During a divorce, it must be determined if either spouse is entitled to receive alimony. When there are children involved, child support payments must also be set. Many people may not know how to resolve these issues on their own and don’t know the full extent of their rights. We are here to help you achieve the results that are best suited for you and your family. Dealing with family support issues can be very difficult but we will make the process as efficient and comfortable as possible.


The courts have discretion when deciding the amount and length of alimony payments. Some of the factors taken into consideration include:

  •  How long the marriage lasted
  •  The standard of living of both spouses
  • Current earnings and potential future earnings of both spouses
  • The ability of spouses to support themselves financially
  • The amount of resources and assets each spouse owns
  •  Liabilities and debts of each spouse

Calculating Child Support

New Mexico uses a formula to assess the child support obligation of each parent. In some cases, the parents are able to reach an amicable agreement regarding child support without having to go through litigation in court. When the court needs to make a ruling, some of the factors evaluated are:

  •  Income of both parents
  • The medical needs of the child
  • Educational and recreational expenses of the child
  • Any circumstances that need to be taken into consideration to ensure payments are adequate

Modifying Alimony and Child Support Judgments

When the financial conditions of either party changes and if the child needs additional support, it may be necessary to request a court modification of the previous judgment. If your situation has changed, such as an inability to keep up with child support payments or if alimony payments are not needed anymore, we can help you. The court needs verification of the changing financial conditions and will decide if a modification of the support judgment is necessary.

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