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New Mexico Possession of Controlled Substances

The use, production, distribution, and possession of controlled substances are regulated by New Mexico state laws and federal laws. If you are charged with the illegal possession of a controlled substance, it is advisable to retain a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you. In some instances the punishments rendered for drug possession are minor but you shouldn’t risk jeopardizing your ability to get the charges dismissed or reduced with the help of an experienced attorney. New Mexico Legal Group has successfully handled hundreds of drug possession cases.

Possession of Marijuana

New Mexico’s medical marijuana laws permit people to legally use marijuana when it helps alleviate certain types of medical conditions. A person with a debilitative medical condition must work in conjunction with a medical doctor who will provide a prescription. It is a criminal offense to possess marijuana without a valid doctor’s prescription.

Possession of Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin

Drugs in New Mexico are classified according to schedules. The schedules list controlled substances based on their potential for being abused, whether the drugs can be used for medicinal purposes and the extent of the physical and psychological damage abuse of the drug may cause. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and meth are well-known for their highly abusive potential.

Criminal Punishments for Possession of Controlled Substances

Criminal penalties associated with illegal possession of controlled substances are:

  • Monetary fine between $100 to $1,000 for a first offense petty misdemeanor
  • Up to one year in jail and a fine for a full misdemeanor
  • Prison sentence not to exceed 18 months for fourth-degree felony
  • Prison sentence not to exceed 3 years for third-degree felony

Defenses To Possession of Controlled Substances Charges

Due to potential long-term consequences associated with getting a drug possession conviction, we pursue the defense of each case aggressively. Our experience allows us to assess the pertinent issues within the prosecutor’s case. We are able to determine if the evidence brought forth in the case is weak and can be deemed inadmissible.

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