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New Mexico Homicide Defense Attorney

If you are charged with homicide, your freedom and your life are in jeopardy. We have the knowledge and experience to mount an excellent legal defense on your behalf. Our legal team of criminal defense attorneys is able to create effective legal strategies that will help you successfully fight the charges. We understand how difficult it is to deal with the uncertainty of the legal process, but we will protect your rights and work tirelessly to get a positive outcome in the case.

New Mexico Homicide Statutes

Homicide is the deliberate intentional killing of another person. According to New Mexico statutes, homicide constitutes the unlawful and unjustified killing of a person.

Homicide is defined as:

  • Willful and premeditated killing
  • Killing that occurred while committing a felony
  • Killing someone by engaging in extremely reckless conduct that demonstrates an utter disregard for human life, also known as depraved mind

Felony Murder

Felony murder is a form of homicide. This type of killing occurs during the commission of a felony criminal offense, such as burglary, rape, arson, or kidnapping. Even if the killing is unintentional, it is classified as a homicide since it is foreseeable that someone could be killed during the commission of a dangerous crime.

Homicide Criminal Punishment

Sentencing for homicide convictions is amongst the most severe. The type of punishment received depends on the facts of each case and the circumstances surrounding the murder. Possible punishments are:

  • Up to 9 years in prison for second-degree felony
  • Up to 18 years in prison for first-degree felony
  • Life imprisonment for a capital felony

Homicide Defenses

Some of the defenses we incorporate as part of our legal strategy are to assert your innocence and submit evidence corroborating that fact. We will also highlight the discrepancies and insufficiencies in the prosecutor’s case. We will demonstrate to the court and the jury that the prosecutor failed to meet the standard of proof required in a homicide case.

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