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New Mexico Drug Possession

If you are being prosecuted for drug possession in New Mexico, you need skilled criminal defense attorneys to represent you. New Mexico Legal Group has represented people facing drug possession charges for over 30 years. We have a comprehensive knowledge of New Mexico’s laws. We will put forth an aggressive defense that will render favorable results for your case.

New Mexico Drug Possession Statutes

New Mexico laws regarding illegal drug possession tend to be based on the abusive tendencies associated with the respective drug. It is illegal for people to possess a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Some of the drugs considered the most dangerous are cocaine, heroin, and meth. Under certain conditions, people diagnosed with cancer are permitted to possess and use marijuana.

Drug Possession Criminal Punishment

Sentencing for drug possession convictions varies. The penalties can range from paying a minor fine and spending a few days in jail to being imprisoned for more than a year. The extent of the punishment depends on the type of drugs in the offender’s possession, the quantity, and the offender’s criminal record.

  • No more than 15 days in jail and at least a $100 fine for petty misdemeanor
  • No more than 1 year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine for misdemeanor
  • No more than 18 months of imprisonment for fourth-degree felony

Drug Possession Defenses

We thoroughly review the facts to create a strong defense for your case. Sometimes, people accused of drug possession are subjected to criminal procedures that are not properly executed by law enforcement. The evidence may have been seized without police officers having a valid warrant or without having probable cause to begin a search. Some people are not informed of their rights and don’t realize that they are not required to speak to police officers without having an attorney present. We perform a thorough investigation to find out if any aspect of the state prosecutor’s case can be challenged.

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