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New Mexico Aiding and Abetting Defense Charge

New Mexico Aiding and Abetting

If you are charged with aiding and abetting a criminal or helping carry out a criminal offense, it is beneficial to seek experienced criminal defense counsel. The attorneys at New Mexico Legal Group can inform you of your rights and will make sure you are not taken advantage of by law enforcement and state prosecutors. It is our priority to help you avoid any of the serious consequences associated with an aiding and abetting criminal case.

Aiding and abetting is assisting in the commission of a crime. People who engage in aiding and abetting are more commonly referred to as accomplices. Accomplices must intentionally be involved in the planning of the crime and want the crime to be carried out. Even if they do not actually commit the crime themselves, accomplices help the offender execute or attempt to execute the crime.

Punishment for Aiding and Abetting in New Mexico

There are a range of punishments that can be imposed on a person convicted of aiding and abetting. Punishments issued by the court may include:

  • Community service
  • Monetary fines
  • Up to 1 year in prison for a misdemeanor offense
  • More than one year of incarceration for a felony offense
  • Probation

Defenses to Aiding and Abetting Charges

It can be difficult for prosecutors to satisfy the standard of proof required in an aiding and abetting case. An important element that must be met for any aiding and abetting conviction is showing that the accused had the requisite intent to assist in the commission of the crime. Sometimes people may unknowingly engage in an activity without being aware that they were assisting in a crime being carried out. We can dispute the client’s knowledge and intentions behind any actions that may have transpired. We will work aggressively to either get a favorable jury verdict or get the charges dropped.

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