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Confessions of a Divorce Assassin

Why You Should Request My Book

Confessions of a Divorce AssassinI wrote Confessions of a Divorce Assassin: What You Really Need to Know About Your Case, Your Kids and Your Lawyer (also available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com) to communicate the truth about the divorce process, your lawyer, and how you should really be looking at your case.

You Can Have a Divorce That Doesn’t Ruin Your Family and Drain Your Finances

But you need to understand what to do from the very beginning of your case. This book reveals the inside information you need for a successful divorce. And, our firm, Colorado Legal Group, embodies the principles set out in my book: to provide no-nonsense, highly-specialized, client-focused representation in divorce and family law cases.

And, We’ll Ship It To You Free of Charge

The info in this book is so important, I want to provide it to everyone who wants it free of charge. Just fill out the form and we’ll mail it out to you ASAP. In the meantime you can also request a free case evaluation or call for a consultation: (505) 843-7303.

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