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Sarah Armstrong


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Divorce & Family Law


Sarah Armstrong – Attorney

Sarah M. Armstrong began practicing law in New Mexico following her 2004 graduation from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. She was born and raised in Albuquerque and graduated cum laude from the University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication. Ms. Armstrong practices statewide in all areas of family law, including divorce, paternity issues, child custody and support, property and debt division, alimony and division of retirement funds. She is committed to highly effective representation of clients, from alternative dispute resolution to trial practice. Ms. Armstrong understands that each case is unique and she is committed to finding creative solutions to her clients’ family law problems.

Sara Velasco

Sarah Armstrong and Katie Webb are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with! Sarah is so down to earth and understanding when it comes to divorce, and the struggles and tribulations that follow. Katie is so very helpful and prompt with returning calls and E-Mails. I found wonderful people during a not so wonderful time in my life. I highly recommend them and their firm! (Not to mention being extremely affordable)

Sharlene East

I have been working with Sarah Armstrong at New Mexico Legal Group on different situations for the last several years. She is a person who values time and is always prepared. She is amazing and always make sure the facts are presented with documentations.

Victoria Lathon

Sarah Armstrong and her paralegal Katie Webb were a blessing. They were patient with me when I started to get impatient and frustrated with the process. Sarah is very intelligent and she does her job very well. Katie was reliable and kept me posted with updates about my case. Amazing and dependable team. Thank you both for the work you have done for me I will be forever grateful.


Sarah treats you like a family member. She values your time and is always prepared. She has helped me on several different situations and the results where always in the best interest of the children. She makes sure all of her facts are documented and will follow up with you to confirm everything is working according to plan. She is someone I will always recommend to my friends and family.

Jessica Lucero

New Mexico Legal Group is the BEST Legal Firm in Albuquerque! Sarah Armstrong is my attorney and she REALLY is so helpful! I couldn’t have gotten this far or made so much progress with my custody case without her!! If you are looking for an attorney, you MUST hire her!! She really knows her stuff! Thank you Sarah, you have truly been a blessing to my family!

Patricia Scott

Sarah Armstrong from New Mexico Legal Group, P.C was a God send!!!! She was professional and compassionate. She is so knowledgeable about my situation and I couldn’t have had a better outcome in my custody case. She never quit fighting for me and was such a great problem solver. I would highly recommend her!! She was amazing as a lawyer and was so thankful to have her on my side!

Emily MacLeod

Sarah Armstrong is an exceptional attorney who advocated for the safety of my family and always maintained her professionalism. She knows the laws and was able to effectively explain them to me so that I could make informed decisions. Sarah is skillful in her approach to communication, and I appreciate her sensibility. She demonstrated a level of compassion toward my family that was both unexpected and invaluable. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a Family Law attorney.

Charlotte J

Sarah Armstrong is smart, compassionate, and caring. She is tireless in her efforts to represent her clients and provides excellent legal advice. Sarah quickly returns phone calls and emails and is very professional. I turn to her for all my family law questions because she is the best! I highly recommend her.

Andrea Nahas

My entire family has relied on Sarah Armstrong’s superior legal expertise for over 5 years. Sarah was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable while handling some business affairs for my mother. Additionally, Sarah has been my go-to legal expert for various issues related to an estate I was made executor of after the passing of a family member. Her advise has been so beneficial to me and my loved ones, I cannot thank her enough for her excellent services.

Jack Shanes

New Mexico Legal Group has been & continues to be the best decision I could have ever made. They were there for me in a time of total & complete crisis & despair. Sarah Armstrong has the inate ability to understand when her client needs some tough love about there ongoing child custody issue, or a hug. She has a keen ability to keep you rational when we as parents are at our most irrational state, when it comes to our most precious thing our children. She is able to more than competently represent you in the courtroom, but more importantly (as I have now learned & experienced) as a strong, compassionate, advocate in the months, even years it can take to resolve these very emotional trying issues of again the most important thing in the world OUR CHILDREN. I highly recommend NM Legal Group & in the field of child custody specifically Sarah Armstrong is the absolute best. I say that from an unfortunate area of experience. I went thru & retained 3 other “supposed” top NM custody attorneys & consulted with several others before finding NM Legal Group & Sarah Armstrong specifically. They get results, but genuinely care about you & your family & prepare you for & continue to support you thru the ever changing very challenging aspect of ‘Coparenting’ which is very RARE in the legal field.

Adan Jimenez

Sarah Armstrong is awesome. She is an amazing advocate that listens to her clients to understand their goals. From there she works on trying to achieve those goals.


Sarah Armstrong is an amazing lawyer! She has worked on my custody case for 3 years and never gave up. She is extremely professional and explains to you in layman’s terms what you are dealing with. I was pleased with the outcome of my case and I believe it had a lot to do with her knowledge of the law and the court system. I would highly recommend her!!

Kelly Vincioni

I highly recommend Sarah Armstrong for all aspects of family law; I have worked with her over the past ten years and she is extremely competent, a very hard worker and knowledgeable of the law, which results in equitable outcomes.

Heather Brislen

I have always loved working with Sarah Armstrong. She is brilliant, kind and dedicated — exceptional follow-through and always accessible. I recommend her highly to friends and family with family law needs.

Miguel Negrete

Sarah Armstrong has been so helpful to me and my family when we’ve needed legal representation or advise. She is knowledgeable and makes you feel that you are in capable hands.

Amanda Tapia

Sarah Armstrong was very helpful when she helped us with our case. She was very patient and understanding. I was very happy with the final outcome.

Erik Frost

I have had a pleasant experience while meeting with Sarah Armstrong and her Paralegal Roxanne, they are a great team and made me feel comfortable while answering all my legal questions. This firm has a great support system and it shows through their staff.

Kevin Dorff

Sarah Armstrong with New Mexico Legal group has always done an amazing job for me. I have no problems with recommending her or the firm.

Britta Thornquist

I can’t recommend Sarah Armstrong highly enough! She definitely knows the law, but more than that, she listens to you and provides smart, practical advice.


Smart, compassionate lawyer!
Sarah Armstrong has provided effective and practical legal advice to my family for many years. She knows the law, actually listens to you, and is very creative in coming up with ideas for solving problems.

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