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  1. You will be contacted by one of our experienced divorce and family law paralegals at the phone number you provide.
  2. This is your opportunity to get first-hand information about your case: (a) what is the right divorce process for you (b) how your case will proceed through the system (c) what will be some of the major issues in your case (d) answers to your questions about the divorce process (e) an overall evaluation of how and if we can help you.

This is not a divorce consultation
A divorce evaluation is critical for you to understand the best way for you to proceed with your case, and if our firm is right for you.

However, this is different from a divorce consultation, which is a paid meeting you can schedule with one of our attorneys, who will sit down with you and provide specific legal advice about your case.
If you need a consultation immediately or want to skip this case evaluation, you can call us directly at 505-843-7303. We look forward to meeting you.

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